About Us

Dr. Sonny Cheung Carlingford Dental Surgery was established in 1994.  Dr Cheung has extensive clinical experience in tooth restoration (rebuilding broken, worn down, mutilated dentition), cosmetic dentistry ( a better smile design), orthodontics ( moving teeth into desirable positions for better aesthetic and functions), oral surgery (removal of hopeless teeth)and dental implants ( full mouth rehabilitation). We always strive to maintain a strong rapport with  local communities and our clients.  Each patient is valuable to us and we are committed to provide the best possible service to you.          


Phone us on: 9873 3039

                       Our Dentist
    Dr Sonny Cheung

    BDS University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implant), University of Sydney

    Since his graduation from University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom in 1987, while he was practising general dentistry, Dr Cheung has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in treating complex dental problems through 25 years of continuing education and clinical practice. He is interested in providing orthodontic treatment focused on patient’s satisfaction with affordable cost.

    Dr Cheung is an accredited Invisalign™ service provider.

    Working either alone or as part of a team involving multi-disciplines, Dr Cheung has extensive experience in the restoration of severely damaged teeth back to function and improvement of the patient’s smile, using modern technology like oral implants and CAD/CAM titanium supported restoration.

    Dr Cheung has attained a formal post-graduate qualification (Graduate Diploma in Oral Implant) at the University of Sydney